Tuesday, December 16, 2008

MovieMaker and PhotoStory

It's incredible what you can produce using MovieMaker and PhotoStory! With these two programs - both of them free and available for PC users - anyone can become a movie producer, filmmaker, director, actor, and sound engineer!

How to get these programs: MovieMaker is probably already on your PC. Look in your Start menu, click on "all programs" and then look for "Windows Movie Maker." It's most likely been on your computer forever, but you probably never noticed it (at least that's what happened to me!). The other program, PhotoStory, is available for free download (click here).

I use MovieMaker to edit videos that I record using either my Canon PowerShot SD800 (an excellent digital camera that also has digital video capabilities) or my Flip camera (I also recommend this - it's VERY easy to use and also lightweight and inexpensive!). I use PhotoStory mainly with still photos (digital or scanned in from "old school" prints!).

Click here for a full selection of videos I have created for use in teaching Spanish, French, English, Italian, German - and even one in Indonesian!

Quiet on the set... ¿listos? y... ¡acción!