Thursday, August 4, 2011

Picturebook: Fiesta Fememina by Mary-Joan Gerson

Fiesta Fememina by Mary-Joan Gerson, illustrations by Maya Christina Gonzalez

Several years ago, I read a copy of this wonderful book in English and enjoyed the variety of stories and legends. I recently had the opportunity to read the Spanish version and loved it even more! With delightful and whimsical illustrations and stories from all over the Mexico, it is an excellent addition to a thematic unit on folktales, Mexico or the role of women in Latin America. The language is poetic and lyrical - thus probably best suited for intermediate and advanced students of Spanish. But, if you're creative, you could use this excellent book as a resource and re-write the stories into simplified language for elementary and FLES students. Stories include: Rosha y el Sol, La diosa hambrienta, La leyenda de Tangu Yuh, Por que la Luna es libre, Verde Ave, Blancaflor, La Virgen de Guadalupe and Malintizin de la Montana.