Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Using Web 2.0 technologies for teaching languages

I am obsessed! It is all so exciting. I am interested in the types of projects and activities that people have developed using web 2.0 technologies (i.e., blogs, wikis, podcasts) in teaching world languages and ESL. What are people finding particularly useful?

I especially LOVE wikis. They are so incredibly useful for collaborating on writing, peer editing, etc. What are YOU doing?


  1. yHi, thanks for sharing your findings. Everything is great, fun and it seems a very nice way of making the students willing to speak in the language. Thanks again
    Laura R.

  2. I love the potential of Web 2.0. I'll certainly be reading your blog on a regular basis. I'll let you know if I come up with any ideas. :)

  3. I teach an upper-level Civilizations and Culture Spanish class. We have started using a GoogleDoc (wiki) to make class notes. Every day there is an assigned "scribe" that posts their notes. I highlight errors and they are all responsible for getting on and editing the document. Before each test the class has the same set of perfect notes! I have really liked this. It's my first time using a wiki. I got the idea from an Allan November conference this fall.