Sunday, October 24, 2010

Niko's PICKS: Pablo recuerda

Pablo recuerda... la fiesta del Día de los Muertos, by George Ancona

Niko dice: "Me gustan las fotografías, especialmente las calaveras de azúcar! Yo quiero probar el pan de muertos. Mi mamá tiene los juguetes del Día de los Muertos que están en el libro. ¡Son divertidos!"

Lori says: "I love this book! It provides readers with the details and background information about the Day of the Dead holiday, while also providing a personal touch and story by viewing the celebration through the eyes of Pablo and his family. Great photos plus a good list of specific vocabulary is provided (e.g., cempasuchil, alfeniques, etc.) The story text can be challenging for beginners; the story would need to be simplified for FLES, but can be used "as is" with intermediate or advanced students."

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